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Lorenzo Cristofaro will lecture on AI in Healthcare in a webinar

11 July 2024 – Webinar online

The extraordinary developments in artificial intelligence in recent years hold the promise of facilitating advances in many different fields, and healthcare is no exception.

The three projects presenting in this webinar (SmartCHANGE together with AI4HF and Data Tools4 Heart) have all been funded by the EU to carry out exciting research in the use of AI in areas ranging from chronic heart failure to lifestyle improvement in youth.

However, the approval of the Artificial Intelligence Act Act (the final text that will be published in the Official Journal of the European Union is available here) on 13 March 2024 by the European Parliament reminds us that healthcare – surely the most human-centric sector of all – needs regulation in order to ensure our safetyprivacy, and general well-being.

The AI Act introduces a risk-based approach that tries to strike a balance between necessary regulation and innovation. In addition, it interacts with existing legislation such as the European Medical Device Regulation, which has governed the certification of digital health instruments for several years.

Lorenzo Cristofaro will lecture on “The Impact of the AI Act on the construction development of an AI-powered cardiology data toolbox”.

What to expect? 

In this first webinar, of the SmartCHANGE’s series, our experts will provide information and insights from several different perspectives resulting from their work in untangling the many new concerns and uncertainties arising from these recent regulatory developments.

Who should attend?

  • Policymakers involved in healthcare-related areas
  • Legal and regulatory experts studying the new regulations concerning healthcare
  • Providers of healthcare-related digital devices and services
  • Healthcare professionals
  • Researchers involved in related areas of healthcare and AI

Why attend?

  • Become familiar with the latest developments in healthcare-related legislation;
  • Find out about exciting new research in EU-funded healthcare projects
  • Exchange information and opinions with our experts from your own experience

More info on the full program and how to register here.