Davide Montanaro is a lawyer specialized in the field of Personal Data Protection, Forensic Investigation, Cyber-security and Information Technology, with an overview of Digital Law and the protection of individual rights in the age of new technologies. He is an auditor who operates under the ISDP©10003:2018 auditing scheme for GDPR compliance assessment.

His main areas of operation cover business processes of compliance, Data Governance, forensic analysis and investigations, structuring of data flow-based operations, Media and Telecommunications, and audit.

He has particular knowledge in IT, with a focus on applied computing, CMS (content management systems), and management of online tracking systems (cookies and CMP).

In 2017, Davide was among the 16 Google Public Policy Fellows in the EMEA area and carried out research in Cyber-security and Data protection from a consumer perspective at the Institute for Competitiveness (i-Com) in Rome.

He graduated in 2017, at the University of Bari “Aldo Moro”, with a thesis in Comparative Constitutional Law entitled: “Internet, Constitution and Privacy: from non-regulation to the protection of personal rights” with a focus on the protection of Digital Natives.

He has been with Panetta & Associati since 2017.