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P&A at first My Health My Data’s Annual Meeting

9/10 October 2017 – Rocco Panetta and Lorenzo Cristofaro will be attending MHMD’s first Annual Meeting in Wien (link).

On October 9th and 10th in Wien, there will be the first Annual Meeting of the EU funded Project My Health My Data (MHMD), focusing on the innovative use of the blockchain technology in the management and sharing of health data. P&A is sole Legal Advisor of the Project since 2016.

In particular, the Conference will be focusing on the state of implementation of the whole MHMD’s architecture from a practical and regulatory point of view, with the aim to target and solve current criticalities and open issues within the next year of activity.

Main discussion points will be on, among others: the technical implementation of the blockchain, data mining and the development of the official App of MHMD.

Rocco Panetta e Lorenzo Cristofaro will be attending to the conference as members of the Working Group on Regulatory & Legal Compliance and they will intervene with a speech on the data protection aspects of the blockchain technology of the Project, also in light of the upcoming General Data Protection Regulation.

Further information are available at this link