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International Conference of Data Protection and Privacy Watchdogs issues Global Connected Car Resolution

Data protection authorities from around the world issued non-binding guidance on data processing by connected cars (link).

The 39th International Conference of Data Protection and Privacy Commissioners in Hong Kong approved and issued a non-binding resolution on the processing of personal data collected by connected vehicles, which are more and more spreading in today’s digital ecosystem.

The Resolution identifies, as a main concern, among others, the lack of information and users’ control on their data, as well as the absence of valid consent mechanisms for consumers to restrict access to and use of their vehicles and driving-related data for the most different range of purposes.

In fact, data protection commissioners from all around the world called for more compliance efforts from all interested stakeholders, from industries to public authorities, aimed at developing a coherent regulatory approach to privacy and connected vehicles on a global basis.

The approved document is available at the following link.