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A year without Prof. Stefano Rodotà. Available the ebook dedicated to him and his vision

A year after Prof. Rodotà’s death, it’s available the ebook about the convention “Towards a new Privacy? In memory of Stefano Rodotà” organised last October in Rome.

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Verso una nuova Privacy? In ricordo di Stefano Rodotà
Towards a new privacy? In memory of Stefano Rodotà

Remembering Stefano Rodotà, a few months after his death, the “Lelio and Lisli Basso” Foundation has organised a convention titled “Verso una nuova privacy?” (Towards a new privacy?”) the last October, 6th, in Rome. During this event, thanks to the support of Antonello Soro – President of the Garante, the Italian Data Protection Authority –, of Giovanni Buttarelli – the European Data Protection Supervisor – and Rocco Panetta – among Italian most privacy experts – has been possible discussing privacy in its historical vision and looking forward. Focusing the most relevant aspects of Data Protection, speakers have spoken about the role of Prof. Rodotà in the development of the Data Protection discipline in Italy and Europe as the biggest Rodotà’s legacy.

The report of this convention has been collected in this ebook, available for download.

A year after his death, P&A proposes to you the ebook. Click on the button for download.

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