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“The illusion of technology is not a real alternative to rights” Rocco Panetta said in an interview with CorCom

The interview focuses on fundamental rights and freedoms in the context of the Covid-19 outbreak, but also on the processing of personal data and contact tracing apps

We do not allow algorithms to modulate the enjoyment of our freedoms. In order to avoid this, it is necessary to enrich technology with a legal and ethical dimension that would prevent us from giving life to the much feared “dictatorship of machines” or technological processes. We need to be constantly aware of what Professor Stefano Rodotà has synthesized in the manifest of a life, which is his book “The Right to Have Rights”. Rights and freedoms are a conquest and therefore they must be nourished, remembered, taught, exercised and protected. But, especially, we must never lose the urge to enjoy our freedoms and to claim their right”.

This is an abstract of the interview our Managing Partner Rocco Panetta released to CorCom, the Italian leading technology magazine.

The interview focuses on the Covid-19 outbreak and its implications on fundamental rights and freedoms, while considering the key aspects related to data protection.

To read a courtesy English translation of the interview click on the following bottom.

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