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Rocco Panetta on accountability and lockdown with LegalCommunity

LegalCommunity has organised a useful webinar to share thoughts with other DPO and General Counsel

Yesterday, April 27 2020, our Managing Partner Rocco Panetta took part as a speaker in a webinar organised by LegalCommunity on “LOCKDOWN and DATA PROCESSING. Measures to assure compliance and accountability” (link).

During the work session numbers of topics related to company management during COVID-19 have been tackled, with particular focus on privacy requirements to be carried out in order to result compliant in light of the decrees and protocols adopted by the Government to face the health crisis on work places.

Together with Rocco Panetta, Paolo Quaini, General Counsel, Alitalia, Marco Reggiani, General Counsel, Snam e Sandra Mori, DPO Europe, Coca-Cola took part to the discussion.

Thank you to all those who has participated!

The full video of the webinar is available online.

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