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The Italian Garante has imposed a sanction of 12.250.000 € to a telecom operator

The Italian Data Protection Authority, the Garante, has imposed a sanction of 12.251.601 € to a telecom operator for illegally processing the personal data of millions of users for telemarketing purposes.

This is the fourth similar sanction that the Garante imposes on a telecom operator with a script that always looks the same. Entire databases of telephone numbers that passed from one provider to another without the necessary checks that had been obtained with the consent of the data subjects. Security problems due to alleged telephone operators requesting the sending of IDs via whatsapp.
Therefore the Garante prevented the telecom operator from using lists obtained through third parties.
The operator will also have to implement security systems that regulate access to its database and will have to ensure that this database complies with the rules on consent, as required by the GDPR.