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Data economy, Panetta: “Avoiding over-control and regulation”

Rocco Panetta takes a closer look at data monetisation in the light of the Council of State’s ruling

“With this ruling, the judges of the Council of State recognize that the events that involve operations on the data cannot be read exclusively from the viewpoint of the data processing, of its dynamics and of its relevance as a fundamental right (the so-called privacy). In fact, if only the right to data protection is taken into account every time personal data are processed, it would end up removing such situations from the scrutiny of other authorities with competence in different sectors, such as the Agcm in matters of consumer protection”. This is how the lawyer Rocco Panetta, one of the international leading experts of IT law, comments in an interview with CorCom on the recent ruling of the Council of State that confirmed the judgment with which the Lazio Regional Administrative Court had ruled on the appeal brought by Facebook against the measure adopted in 2018 by the Competition and Market Authority (Agcm).

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