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IAPP Rome Chapter with Ignacio Gomez Navarro (EDPB)

Ignacio Gomez Navarro of the EDPB presented the additional measures to SCCs for transfers of personal data to third countries

IAPP 22 giugno 2021

The echo of the judgment of the Court of Justice that invalidated the Privacy Shield has not yet been exhausted and its impact is still overwhelming in the context of transfers of personal data abroad. On this point, however, the European Data Protection Board (EDPB) has intervened, which, with the approval of Recommendations 01/2020, has offered to data controllers, data processors and professionals in the world of privacy a tool of absolute importance to orient themselves in the ‘post-Schrems II’ era.

These Recommendations were the focus of the meeting organised this afternoon by the KnowledgeNet Chapter of Rome of the International Association of Privacy Professionals (IAPP). The special guest of the event was Ignacio Gomez Navarro of the EDPB, who – in dialogue with Federico Sartore, co-chair of the Rome Chapter of the IAPP – presented the main innovations of the latest and consolidated version of the Recommendations, published just a few days ago.

Mr Navarro outlined the EDPB’s roadmap to provide a methodology for exporters to determine whether and what supplementary measures should be taken for their data transfers outside the European Economic Area. Attention has been paid to each of the six steps that make up the procedure and, in particular, to the elements added in the latest version of the text to step 3, which governs the assessment to be made by each exporter in order to assess the effectiveness of the chosen transfer instrument in the light of the laws and practices applicable to the transfer in the importer’s country. In this respect, the EDPB has also given special consideration to the possible relevance of the practices of public authorities in the country of destination. The data exporter will therefore have to take into account both the legislation of the country and his direct experience with transfers in that country.

At the end of the meeting, Mr Navarro also answered some of the questions posed by the large audience that attended this first international event organised by the Rome Chapter of the IAPP.

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