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Rocco Panetta received the Westin Emeritus Fellow badge from the IAPP

? 16-17 November 2022, Brussels

Rocco Panetta, Italy’s Country Leader of IAPP, received the Westin Emeritus Fellow badge from the International Association of Privacy Professionals.

Some words from our managing partner:

“Among the many recognitions and awards I have received throughout my professional career so far, this designation as a Westin Emeritus Fellow by the IAPP – International Association of Privacy Professionals makes me truly proud and full of joy.

Not only because this recognition was given to me and to that group of friends and colleagues who literally built the community of privacy professionals around the world by inventing a way to be professionals in an ethical and business oriented way at the same time (I mention a few of them: Nuala O’Connor, Jules Polonetsky, Kate Colleary, Jeroen Terstegge, Ruby Zefo, Omer Tene, Florian Thoma, Keith Enright, Brendon Lynch, Kris Klein, D. Reed Freeman, Jr., etc.), but above all because the recognition bears the name of Alan Westin, a giant of data theory and phenomenology, the one who represented in the USA what Stefano Rodotà was for Europe and the EU, the father of so-called privacy.

Thanks to J. Trevor Hughes, to the members of the IAPP Board of Directors, to all the colleagues who have given me this unique and priceless joy.”