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IAPP: Tommaso Mauro and Gabriele Franco in the KnowledgeNet Chapter of Rome, Vincenzo Tiani in that of Brussels

News for Panetta in IAPP

As of 1 January 2023, Tommaso Mauro, Partner at PANETTA, and Gabriele Franco, Associate, will join IAPP’s KnowledgeNet Chapter in Rome as Co-Chair and Young Privacy Professional, respectively. The other Co-Chairs of the new Rome team are Nadia Giusti, Amedeo Leone and Chiara Leoni. Federico Sartore, Of Counsel, and Davide Montanaro, Associate, leave for the end of their mandate.

As for the KnowledgeNet Chapter of IAPP in Brussels, Vincenzo Tiani, Partner of the Belgian capital’s office, joins as Co-Chair.