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Rocco Panetta in Bucharest to discuss the megatrends and the future of tech in the workplace

10 June 2023, Bucharest

EELA’s 25th Anniversary Conference

Artificial Intelligence and Algorithms. Working in the virtual space. Metaverse. A glance into the future

With the rapidly increasing use of big data and sophisticated algorithms, companies and employees are facing a new reality, where AI is deployed into the HR and legal processes, and the Metaverse may lead to a new and unregulated workplace. These new realities pose multiple ethical dilemmas and legal challenges, with the introduction of new regulation and the need to apply existing rules on new phenomena.

This is not just the good fate of our times; it comes at a cost, as the potential risks of entrusting life-changing decisions to automation become evident: the pattern-based “method of thinking” of algorithms can result in discrimination, compromise diversity, or simply lead to legally questionable employment decisions. But still, this is not a pessimistic outlook: as we will learn in this session, the human factor – tech developers, regulators, and last but not least employment lawyers – will still be the key in the Age of Algorithms and Virtual Workspace.

The panel will discuss these and other issues, with a focus on:

  • The use of AI within employment
  • What is the deal with algorithms?
  • How can the Metaverse affect the workplace and further impact employees?
  • What steps might an employer be reasonably expected to take to make the virtual space a safe place of work?
  • What is the future role for companies, employees and other stakeholders?