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Replika AI is available again in Italy with the assistance of PANETTA law firm

The well-known chatbot called Replika AI, already subject to restrictions by the Garante (the Italian DPA) for the protection of personal data in February 2023, is available again in Italy thanks to the support of PANETTA Law Firm, with a team led by Rocco Panetta (Managing Partner), Federico Sartore (Partner), Vincenzo Tiani (Partner for the Brussels office), Gabriele Franco (Associate) and Chiara Pisano (Junior Associate).

At the beginning of 2023, the Garante, the first Authority in the world to deal with AI, had imposed the blocking of Replika’s services on the Italian territory due to concerns regarding the protection of personal data of users, in particular minors, with respect to the use of technology based on Generative AI. Following a complex and thorough review of the aspects affected by the Authority’s measure, an agreement was reached that allowed the full reactivation of services and the reintroduction of Replika in Italy.

Rocco Panetta stated: ‘We are pleased to have contributed to paving the way for the regulation of artificial intelligence in Italy and Europe through the resolution of such a complex case. 2023 was also the year in which PANETTA officially launched its AI law practice and assisted various key players on the global technology scene, including OpenAI in the ChatGPT v. Garante case. In addition to the AI law practice, the firm has added insAIde (link), its own multidisciplinary think-tank, which addresses and explores the topic of artificial intelligence from legal, ethical, policymaking and technological perspectives.