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Vincenzo Tiani will participate as a speaker at the University of Amsterdam AI Session

25 April 2024 – Amsterdam

Vincenzo Tiani will be among the speakers of the open panel organized by the University of Amsterdam on the AI Act.

Gabriele Mazzini (EU Commission) will present the implications of the EU’s AI Act and Gemma Newlands (Oxford Internet Institute) will present the impact of AI technology on work and organizations, focusing on issues of surveillance and visibility, in an informative session aimed at researchers and external experts. There will also be an open panel which should answer even more questions you may have on the topic.

  • When: 25th April, 3-5pm
  • Where: Theater 7, NU-4C11
  • Registration linkRegister here

Click here to register and reserve spots for the borrel after the keynote and open panel!

We will have two keynotes during the events:

  • Gabriele Mazzini (EU Commission) – Introduction to the AI Act
  • Gemma Newlands (Oxford Internet Institute) – Current Perspectives on (Generative) AI and Work