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Vincenzo Tiani on EURACTIV to comment the launch by EU DPAs of a joint investigation into cloud use in the public sector

A joint investigation was launched by 22 national data protection authorities on Tuesday (15 February) on how the public sector uses cloud services.

For Vincenzo Tiani, a partner at Panetta law firm, these kinds of investigations are to be expected.

“A year has passed since the EDPS’ similar investigations on the same issue against the EU institutions and the Schrems II judgment will soon be two years old, without a new adequacy decision having been reached,” Tiani said.

“Apart from the difficulty of changing cloud providers, there is always the dilemma of whether a solution other than the one offered by the tech giants is just as functional and secure, and in fact, the European states have kept the door open in private even in the GAIA X project,” Tiani added.

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