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Rocco Panetta at the Privacy Symposium in Venice (17-21 April)

19 April 2023

PANETTA is supporting and participating in the organising of the Privacy Symposium 2023. The conference will be hosted in #Venice from April 17 to 21, 2023.

It aims at promoting international dialogue, cooperation, and knowledge sharing on data protection, compliance, and innovative technologies. It will offer over 80 sessions with over 200 top level speakers and data protection authorities, including international organisations, European authorities, and national data protection authorities, as well as experts in innovative technologies.  

The Privacy Symposium offers an outstanding opportunity to:

 – discuss and anticipate upcoming regulatory changes at European and international levels;

 – learn on good practices and lessons learned for compliance from supervisory authorities;

– access the latest research results and innovations for data protection;

– meet and engage with other experts and authorities;

– take part in international cooperation for privacy and data protection. 

The programme is organized in several tracks, including:

·      International Dialogue, Cooperation, and Convergence for data protection

·      Data Protection in Practice, with lessons learned from authorities and practitioners

·      Innovative Technology and Compliance, discussing innovative technologies such as AI, DLT, Metaverse, etc. and compliance

·      Accountability, Trust and Privacy Enhancing Technologies

·      Health and Medical Data Compliance, with a special focus on secondary use of data and the upcoming European Health Data Space Regulation

·      Research and Innovation, with the latest research results and achievements

·      Making Data Secure, with a focus on the threats and security of personal data

·      Convention 108+ with the Council of Europe to discuss the potential and impact of the revised convention on international cooperation and data transfers

·      Data Protection Certification and International Data Transfers

·      Data Protection in Italy (in Italian)

·      Socio-Economic Perspective

·      Deep Dive In sessions

In particular, Rocco Panetta will moderate the panel: GDPR+, Lessons learned from practice.

The panel will take place at 5:00 PM, Wednesday 19 April 2023. More info here.

The complete programme is available here: https://privacysymposium.org/schedule/

More information and registration: https://privacysymposium.org